The Alternative

What is it?

There is a growing discontent with mainstream living and commonly held beliefs about all aspects of life.  As our world faces spiralling local and global challenges increasing numbers of individuals, communities and organisations are questioning things previously unquestioned, asking “What is the alternative?”

This ongoing, multi-platform project meets these people, discovering and sharing their stories.  We'll learn about their motivations for change, the challenges they face and their success and achievements.

There are a lot of people doing incredible, inspiring things that need to be shared.

Welcome to The Alternative.


This project will be undertaken across a range of media forms to engage as wide an audience as possible and to best capture the process and journey involved in sharing each story.  The types of media being employed include:

-Short Videos with graphics and illustrations that explain a topic within 2-5 mins to spark interest
-Interview based Radio segments of 30-60mins that delve deeper into the topic
-Podcasts of various lengths, available on Soundcloud after broadcast
-Blog posts with further reading and related articles

Video Examples

Each videos style will be different, depending on the clearest way to tell the story.

Here are some examples:

Vox | Hubble

Explains the entire story in 5mins with beautiful animation and expert interviews

Kurzgesagt | A New History for Humanity – The Human Era

Incredible animation, and always interesting topics, explained clearly

AJ+ | How Commercials Get Us To Buy Crap We Don't Need

Engaging documentary driven by a presenter with expert interview

Topics of Interest

The Environment
Sustainable Living
And Beyond...


Subject: The Alternative Project


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